Obedience Training

Obedience can be a fun activity for your dog if you build the game of interaction between you and your dog. When you discover what really motivates your dog, whether it be toy, food and/or social contact, your dog will enjoy the learning process with you.

Whether for competitive sports, or the fun of working with your dog, heeling with attention can be an enjoyable exercise and activity to build focus and intensity. The precision work provides a mental challenge for the dog and the following release into playing with a toy, or a favorite food treat is extremely rewarding and motivating. When taught with motivational training, the dog should appear active, attentive, engaged and excitedly looking for what's next.

The retrieve, often seen in competitive sports using a dumbbell, is a great tool for all training and exercise for your dog. Ideally the foundation of the retrieve is an interactive game with you. The toy (ball, tug, dumbbell, or anything retrievable) is a great way to build a connection with your dog and develop team work. The dog that desires to bring the favorite toy back to you is a great indicator of shared trust and understanding between dog and handler. The retrieve is a critical component in many sports including IPO, Ring sport, Obedience, and working trials.


Send out
The send out is a fun exercise that develops the dog's ability to work at a distance from the handler. It has variations in competitive sports, but usually centers around releasing the dog so that it will run away from the handler in the direction indicated until given other instruction. This might mean the dog runs in a straight line towards the opposite end of the field until asked to change direction, or to assume a position like a down.