We only sell oils that are used in official K9 Nose Work® tests and trials;

Aniseed (pimpinella anisum)
Sweet Birch (betula lenta)
Clove Bud (eugenia caryophylatta, szygium aromaticum)

All our oils are shipped with caps and droppers - we recommend keeping the caps on your vials while stored to prevent evaporation and potential leakage. We will not warrant against damage to your products if you do not store the oils properly to prevent leakage!

*PLEASE NOTE 1* Because we do not keep a large supply of oils on hand at any one time, we have decided we must limit our customer orders to the following quantites:

    1 dram: 6 bottles/odor
    2 dram: 4 bottles/odor
    4 dram: 2 bottles/odor

Although we truly appreciate when people place large orders, it depletes our stock and delays processing of all other orders in the queue. We are working on a way for the site to allow you to reorder oils again in 6 months. Thank you for understanding!

The Anise Oil might solidify in shipment with the colder temperatures during the winter months.  Simply set the bottle of oil in a warm bowl of water for several minutes until the oil is returned to a liquid state.  Store at room temperature. Never expose the oils to an open flame.

Please check out our FAQ page for more information about storing and using our oils and scented products.

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Small Droppers - 1 dram

1 dram (1/8 fl.oz.) Amber Vial with Dropper (This size matches the oils in our Student Kits) *LIMIT: 6*  
From $4.00
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Small Droppers - 2 dram

2 dram (1/4 fl.oz.) Amber Vial with Dropper (These droppers match the size for special CNWI kits) *LIMIT 4*
From $5.50
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Medium Droppers - 4 dram

4 dram (1/2 fl.oz.) Amber Vial with Dropper *LIMIT 2*  
From $8.00
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